She was born in San Fernando, Chile, but since very little she has lived in different countries like Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and her actual home Honduras, reason why her designs reflect a mixture of different cultures. She studied Design at the DUOC de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and at the School of Fashion Design Carmen Müller of Chile. Her collections have been presented in different countries like Chile, Guatemala, Panama, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Paris Workshop (2011), has also participated at the World Fashion Week 2014 in Paris. One of her designs was selected to form part of the exhibition “WOMAN THAT CHANGE THE WORLD” that took place in 2016 at the Museum of Clothing, Madrid Spain. She was named by the ECONOMIST Magazine as one the most powerful Women in the Region for her designs that cause influence in the fashion.  She dressed the first Honduran to ever win the Ecuatorian Pageant event “Reinado del Banano”. Her designs have been selected in 2 different Red Carpet event at the Latin Grammy as the top 10 best dressed having been used by Maria Teresa Interiano. TV Presenter of Despierta America of UNIVISION.

Giselle Matamala´s secret ingredient is her risky way of mixing different fabrics, textures, colors and forms which has made it her personal seal during all this years in all her bathing Suite Collections, Sports Clothing, Pret a Porte and Haute Couture.